Modern presentational website in 6 weeks

Redesign of GNA’s corporate website enabled them to showcase its work and expertly present itself to future customers and investors.

GNA Biosolutions – Molecular testing for everyone, everywhere

GNA Biosolutions, a German startup, introduced a groundbreaking Pulse Controlled Amplification (PCA) technology – a new class of the Polymerase Chain Reaction technology (PCR) widely used in reliable COVID-19 testing during the 2020 pandemic. Their technology received emergency use approval from German’s health authorities in order to expedite the testing efforts.

As part of their exponential business expansion during the pandemic, they reached out to us for a complete redesign of their corporate website – to present their work and expertise to potential partners, customers, and investors.

Clean product presentation online

The website needed to primarily present GNA Biosolutions’ expertise to potential customers and investors, emphasizing their products and technology, while also:

  1. Providing seamless user experience (UX), along with visually appealing and responsive design
  2. Being easy to maintain, so GNA Biosolutions’ staff can independently edit the content and add updates
  3. Be optimized for search engine rankings (SEO)

Finally, the main challenge was that the new website should be done as soon as possible – to keep up with an exploding market.

Headless WordPress solution with custom UI

After conducting a thorough analysis of the GNA Biosolutions’ current website, target audience, business goals and needs, we created a minimalistic yet effective aesthetic that allows their products and expertise to shine through.

The user interface (UI) we created focuses on large visuals, interactive infographics, and headlines to help users grasp the most important facts about GNA Biosolutions and their products in seconds.

To make sure the design remains pixel perfect and enables easy content management for GNA Biosolutions’ staff, we implemented a custom UI with headless WordPress running in the background. We have also utilized WordPress and industry-standard plugins to ensure proper SEO of the website.

Finished website in 6 weeks

Being aware of the urgency of this project for GNA Biosolutions, we adjusted our capacities and put a heavy emphasis on project management to ensure minimal project risks, regular updates to GNA Biosolutions’ team, and timely delivery.

In only six weeks since the start of the project, the website has been launched. Following the website launch, we have witnessed an increase in unique users and session length, and GNA Biosolutions has received positive feedback from stakeholders, which helped them attract new customers, partners, and investors.

Working with Speck has been efficient and pleasurable. Their team helped us capture the info on our technology and showcase it to the world, while also ensuring that every stage of the project is executed seamlessly. They were keeping us in the loop and were ready to jump in whenever we needed them!

Product-focused responsive design
Headless Wordpress website in 6 weeks
+38% average session length

By managing to design and develop a website in just six weeks, we made sure that a missing presentational website is not a bottleneck for GNA Biosolutions’ business and PR activities. 

The finished website helped GNA Biosolutions’ communicate the value of their innovative technology and share latest updates, while at the same time making content management easy for the staff.

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