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Seeking a new challenge? Speck Academy offers a pathway to learn industry-specific and highly sought-after skills, empowering you to kick-start your career in tech!

Call for applications for our Product Academy was open until February 19! We will get back to all the candidates by February 26.

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Speck Academy is one of our most important initiatives, aimed at building the capacities of young talent and equipping them with the essential skills to excel in the competitive IT market. We are proud to have collaborated with the Faculty of Organization and Informatics at the University of Zagreb for several years now.

This program is completely free and open to students in the final years of their university studies, including those pursuing a Master's degree or in the third year of vocational studies. It's also an excellent opportunity for other individuals seeking to enhance their IT skills.

Except for the first and final lectures, Speck Academy is conducted entirely remotely via Google Meet.

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Fill in the application form and we will get back to you with the next steps regarding your application. We aim to select 30 participants.



Attend the lectures, engage in interactive activities, apply your knowledge through practical tasks, and communicate with both the lecturer and fellow participants.



Great job! You've completed the work and are now ready to explore the exciting opportunities ahead. Who knows - perhaps you'll be our next colleague?


Learning modules

During Speck Academy, you'll acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge with direct applications in the industry. In addition to the professional working atmosphere, you'll have the opportunity to connect and bond with other participants, sharing and learning from each other's experiences.

Product Academy
React Academy

In the scope of the Product Academy, you will progress through the following 11 modules over 11 weeks:

  • Module #1 (in-person): Introduction to Product Management
  • Module #2: Understanding the Market and Customers
  • Module #3: Design Sprint and Business Model Canvas
  • Module #4: Basics of UI/UX for Product Managers
  • Module #5: Organization and Communication
  • Module #6: Metrics and Goal Setting
  • Module #7: Planning and Estimating
  • Module #8: Product Launch and Marketing
  • Module #9: Risk and Crisis Management
  • Module #10: Pitching and Presentation
  • Module #11 (in-person): Final Pitches and Certificate Ceremony

In the scope of the React Academy, you will progress through the following 15 modules over 15 weeks:

  • Module #1 (in-person): Introduction
  • Module #2: HTML & CSS
  • Module #3: Version Control System
  • Module #4: Advanced CSS
  • Module #5: Intro to JavaScript
  • Module #6: Advanced JavaScript
  • Module #7: Intro to React
  • Module #8: React Events, Conditionals and Lists
  • Module #9: React Forms
  • Module #10: React API
  • Module #11: React Context
  • Module #12: React State Management
  • Module #13: React Deployment
  • Module #14: Next.js
  • Module #15: Final Exam & Certificate Ceremony



We believe in knowledge sharing

We believe good quality education should be accessible to everyone. Check out our materials that we use while facilitating Speck Academy, including lectures, homework assignments and more!

Product Academy

React Academy


An inside look



Through the Academy, I gained a lot of practical knowledge in web application development. Due to the continuous nature of the program, which ran parallel to my studies, I also learned how to manage my time with larger development tasks. I was particularly impressed by the accessibility of the lecturers, and also the collegiality among all participants, and now my colleagues at Speck!

Thank you for your interest in Product Academy! Call for applications is now closed. We will get back to all applicants by February 26.


Additional information

The call for applications will be open until February 19 2024. We will respond to all applicants by February 26 2024 with the selection results. If there is significant interest in the program, we may send a small task to all applicants during the evaluation process. All details about the start of the Academy will be provided in the acceptance e-mail.
You should expect to invest around 5-10 hours per week in this intensive program. The knowledge gained, however, is invaluable. Lectures will be held once a week in the afternoon. The exact times and dates will be finalized with participants during the first lecture. Please note that attendance in person is required for the first and final lectures. All other lectures will be conducted via Google Meet.
The certificates issues at the end of Speck Academy serve as recognition of your hard work and eagerness to learn. They will undoubtedly aid in your future professional endeavors and job interviews.
While participation in Speck Academy does not guarantee employment, each year some participants do join our team. This year, you could be one of them!
All lectures will be conducted over Google Meet, except for the first and final ones, which require in-person attendance.
As Speck Academy is primarily conducted remotely, a reliable Internet connection is essential. All necessary tools, such as VS Code, GIT, Node.js, Google Chrome, and others, are free and will be set up during the program.